About Your Headshot Session

Headshot Sessions take an hour, and I suggest you also set aside an extra 20 minutes beforehand to relax before being photographed, during which we can discuss what you want from your headshots, what kind of expressions you’d like captured and what kind of first impression you’d like to give (friendly? approachable? trustworthy? traditional? innovative?). If you don’t have time, we can have that conversation before your session over the phone.

Online Profile Pic

We can take the photographs at your workplace, at your home or, if you’d prefer, in my home.We can take your headshots against both a white and a black background, it’s absolutely up to you which effect you like – I’ll bring the backgrounds with me if we take the photographs in your own home.If we take the photographs at my home, there’s tea and coffee on offer and you’re welcome to bring your iPod so you can relax listening to your own music.

  • Business headshots sessions are available midweek or weekend, and can be for yourself or for as many employees as you’d like.
  • We’ll look at the photographs as we go along so you can see if you’re happy with the shots we’re taking, and we can keep adjusting until we get just what you need.

  • You’ll receive 25+ images (in both colour & B&W) in a password-protected slideshow, within 48 hours. Choose your four favourite images and I’ll process those for you within 48 hours – I’ll remove any little blemishes, and upload them to your slideshow at which point you can download them direct to your computer.
  • Should you need help resizing your headshots for LinkedIn or for any other use, I’ll be happy to do that for you, free of charge.Do get in touch and we’ll find a date and time that suits you.

Want To Refresh Your Online Profile?

Get A Professional Portrait That Shows You Looking Your Best View Photo Gallery

Get a headshot photo that you love. It’s not just a headshot. It’s your image. Does your current headshot reflect the image that you want to portray? You will probably use the same headshot for at least a couple of years. In some cases your online profile will determine someone’s first impression of you. Make the extra effort to look your best.

An updated headshot is a great way to spruce up your online profile. Hanging on to your headshot from 10 years ago won’t make you look younger in person. It is recommended that you get a new headshot if you have recently changed your look or if your current headshot is more than 3 years old.


Why Choose Us?

  • Photos ready to upload to your profile within 48 hours (same-day expedited service available)
  • High quality images to compliment your professional profile
  • We offer price incentives that save you money
  • You choose your location: our studio or on-location
  • Makeup artist also available upon request to further enhance your professional look

Our Business Portrait Services Include:

  • Headshots
  • Group/Team Portraits
  • Corporate Event Photography
  • Profile video clips featuring you, your business or team NEW!

In Real Estate, A Picture is Worth $1,000 or More. Consider Better Photos. Are Your Sales Worth Hiring A Professional Photographer?

Now offering video services featuring you, your business, or team Engage more viewers and communicate your message by video. Let’s face it, pictures tell us a thousand words, but the video is certainly more useful when it delivers a message and getting your point across. PlusCorp Photography & Marketing has teamed up with a local media production company to extend our service line by offering professional videos to incorporate into your website, social media or online business profile. Don’t just update your headshot, upgrade your image. We are in the process of adding samples and creating marketing materials, which will be available May 2015. Need to get started with your video project immediately? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Contact us for a direct presentation and consultation. You can also view this atlanta photographer’s headshots. Services are being offered now with more info on the website coming soon.